Exhibition Introduction

On Apr. 22nd, 2018 China (Foshan) International Ceramic & Bathroom Products Exhibition (CICPE 2018) has concluded successfully. During the 4-day Exhibition, CICPE fully demonstrated to the world the image of high level and original China ceramic and bathroom industry, presented the characteristics and charm of China ceramic and bathroom products, brought a breath of fresh air to visitors at home and abroad and gained unanimous favorable comments from the industry.



Short for: CICPE 2018

Date: April 19th-April 22nd, 2018

Theme: Alliance· Innovation·Upgarde

Venue: Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Guided by: The People's Government of Foshan Municipality

Hosted by: China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council and Guangdong Ceramics Association

Co-organized by: Foshan Federation of Industry & Commerce

Organized by: Foshan ZhongTao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Supported by: China Furnishing Trustworthiness Alliance Club, Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Foshan Committee, Foshan Chamber of Commerce for Importers & Exporters, Foshan Intelligent Household Industry Association, Interior Designs Association of Foshan, Foshan Enterprise Confederation, Foshan Real Estate Industry Chamber of Commerce and Nanzhuang Ceramics Industry Promotion Association

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According to statistics, held Apr. 19 – 22 in GICEC, CICPE 2018 was attended by 83,028 professional visitors, which exceeded the expected level, and the proportion of designers accounted for 14.11%.

There were 4321 international professional buyers from 142 countries and regions in the world participating in CICPE 2018 and overseas buyers occupied 5.2%.

More than 300 industry media and mass media have reported CICPE 2018 to publicize the Exhibition and exhibitors. There were over 1 million exposure in these 4 days.

More than 300 famous ceramic and bathroom brands at home and abroad have attended the Exhibition. In addition to China, there were also well-known brands from Italy, Spain, India, Turkey, Indonesia and many other countries.

There were 68 brands 318 products participating in the China Ceramic King Award Evaluation Event, 47 of which won awards.

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Media Interview after Press Conference on Jan. 6th

NEWPEARL was founded in 1992, after the restructuring, merger, self development and national park type regional distribution development, from an unknown small factory bigger and stronger, today to develop into ceramics, real estate, hotels, finance, wine, golf and other industry in one of the world's largest professional production of ceramic tiles and one of the sanitary ware of the modern enterprise. Its R & D capability, specialized production capacity, supply capability, supporting capability, cost-effective performance, product design and Exhibition capabilities have been leading the industry development.

At present, there are more than 16000 employees, 5 specialized production bases, 7 independent ceramic brands, 3 bathroom brands, more than 60 large-scale modern production lines, the annual production capacity of building ceramics is over 200 million square meters, and the annual production capacity of ceramic sanitary ware is over 1 million. Product types include exterior wall tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles (tiles, antique tiles, wear-resistant bricks), sanitary ware and art tiles, ceramic products of different specifications varieties more than 1000; all kinds of invention and utility, the appearance of 360 patents; a total of more than 5000 domestic and foreign agents, more than 20000 export products are exported to the terminal stores; more than 100 countries and regions; there are 5 "A Well-Known Trademark in China", 4 "Chinese 500 most valuable brands, 2 hundred private enterprises in Guangdong Province, the 7" famous brand of Guangdong province "," 7 provincial famous trademark ", the enterprise for more than a decade to maintain steady development trend.

The "Monalisa" brand was born in 1999. In 2000, the trademark registration was successful. Since its foundation, the trademark registration has adhered to the idea of "customer first". It pursued innovation, art and personality in market strategy, and provided solutions for beautifying the human space.

Adhering to the "every home should have a brand development concept of Monalisa", Monalisa tile followed the famous Renaissance art master Leonardo Da Finch's exploration spirit and philosophy of art, Da Vinci will treat a work attitude into the brand culture and to treat the product requirements in product development, adhere to the artistic creation by demanding tiles. All kinds of technical innovation and creation, from Art Deco to explore the cultural origin, pursue the design inspiration from Home Furnishing life, classical tradition in art, only one purpose, let every family really live on the green, healthy and environmentally friendly ceramic products.

In brand marketing, Monalisa Monalisa tiles will smile as the core spirit of marketing service, so that customers feel the artistic products at the same time, to enjoy high quality service spirit returns, so as to realize the integration of Home Furnishing decorative arts and humanities, enlightenment of modern people thinking of the cultural and artistic life of the Home Furnishing.


The essence of Foshan Millennium town, Hongyu ceramics since its establishment in 1997, adhering to the "big universe, great mind, the development of" brand concept, after years of development has become famous make efforts, the domestic and foreign large-scale modern building ceramics enterprises, is the "national standards for enterprises".

Hongyu ceramic professional production and sales of porcelain polished tiles, antique tiles, vitrified polished glazed ceramic tiles, ceramic composite brick, square brick, brick and stone new supermarket Yun Youmianzhuan products. Italy companies to introduce advanced equipment, products of the technical indicators have reached the national standard requirements; has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system certification, 3C Chinese national mandatory product certification, adopting international standard product logo certification authority.


Shanghai Asia Ceramics Co. Ltd was born in 1973 in Taiwan ceramic town of the town, founded by ffuni ceramics, the founding of the ceramics in Asian history creatively launched three-dimensional art tiles. In 1993, it entered the inland and registered in Shanghai. In 1996, it became the top 500 sales force in Shanghai with China tile brand. It was listed in Singapore in 1998 and established Singapore Asia Group Holdings Limited. In 2008, Jinming group strongly invested in Asiah. Since won the "top 500 brands of China" in 2009, Asia's brand value and ranking have risen year by year. In 2016, Asiah signed an upgrade of Louis Koo's strong brand image, won the top 500 of the Chinese brand in 5, and won the "top 500 of the Asian brand". In 2017, the Asiatic marble tile production line was formally put into operation and the Asian charity foundation was officially launched.

44 years, Asia has always been to green tiles, intelligent and integrated production concept, continue to consumers around the world to provide a large number of high-quality taste and excellent products; four core technologies, five leading technology witnessed four generations living dream, to create a more scientific quality of living space for the global consumer.


Highlights of CICPE

Foshan ZhongTao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd (ZhongTao Alliance) is a mixed ownership enterprise established by China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Building Materials Sub-Council, Guangdong Ceramics Association, etc five industry authoritative associations and more than 40 domestic key building, sanitary ware and ceramic enterprises, aiming at holding China ceramic and bathroom products and relevant exhibitions.