Exhibition Introduction

Highlights of CICPE

Highlights of CICPE 2019


1、Highlights of CICPE 2018 (Review)

        Our exhibition is guided by the People's Government of Foshan Municipality, co-hosted by five industrial associations, which set the precedent among similar exhibitions in Foshan in regard to specifications and requirements. There are 4 highlights:

A. High Specification, High Popularity:

There are 5 characteristic exhibition areas and more than 300 participating brands, covering an area of 50,000 m2, which comprised of 40,000m2 display area and 10,000m2 event area. Exhibitors from more than ten countries and regions have actively participated in the Exhibition and host a total of 830,28 professional visitors from all over the world, covering 142 countries and regions.



B. Diverse Features, Full of Boutique Products

All participants of CICPE 2018 are outstanding ceramic enterprises at home and abroad. In order to fully demonstrate features of brands and products, exhibitors spared no effort in booth design and brought innovative designs, new technology and new materials to the Exhibition so as to impress the entire ceramic industry.



C. Good Idea and Wide Influence

With the theme of "Alliance·Innovation·Upgrade", the Exhibition aims at shaping Chinese ceramic business cards and promoting the influence of Chinese ceramic brands. During the four-day exhibition, a constant stream of visitors who come from all walks of life has come to the Exhibition and expressed their praise. cctv.com, people.cn, IFENG.COM, Guangdong TV, Guangdong News, NA-Nuevo Azulejo (Spanish magazine)The Tiles of India (Indian magazine), etc. more than 300 Chinese and foreign media have carried out extensive publicity, which have aroused strong responses from the ceramic and bathroom industry of China and even the whole world.



D. New Theme, Great Meaning

This Exhibition is a big attempt by the government, associations and enterprises to build a platform for the development of Chinese ceramic and bathroom industry. It has built a professional exhibition platform with formal professional exhibition halls, promoted the transformation from exhibition hall economy to exhibition economy, and realized the breakthrough from 0 to 1 of ceramic and bathroom industry.




2、Facts & Figures of CICPE 2018

        According to statistics, CICPE 2018 was attended by 83,028 professional visitors, including distributor/agent, designer, buyer, ceramic and bathroom industry practitioner. Ceramic and bathroom industry practitioner takes up 25.86%, 22.26% were domestic distributors, 14.11% were designers, and the proportion of upstream and downstream practitioners and overseas buyers accounted for 9.2% and 5.2% respectively. It is a professional platform for the upstream and downstream enterprises and relevant people of ceramic and bathroom industry to communicate, trade, predict the industrial trend and release new products.



        At the same time, during the 4 day exhibition, there are 26 events, including 4 large-scale overseas buyers sourcing conferences. More than 200 international buyers from over 10 countries made one-to-one high-efficient sourcing with exhibitors and multiple brands have successful got orders. In addition, more than 100 industry media and mass media have publicized the Exhibition and exhibitors. There were over 1 million exposure in these 4 days.

        Mr. Guoqiang Yang, founder and chairman of the board of Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd, visited CICPE 2018 with his procurement team on April 21st. He praised that the overall image of the Exhibition was very good, most of the booths were creative and well-designed and there were a variety of products.


Mr. Guoqiang Yang, founder and chairman of the board of 

Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd, led his procurement team to visit CICPE 2018

        China Ceramic King Award (CKA) 2018 adopted “Blind Evaluation”. Among 318 products from 68 brands, the jury selected 47 awards based on 6 categories, including Large Ceramic Slabs, Marble Tiles, Polished Tiles, Rustic Tiles, Modern Tiles and Interior Wall Tiles. This event created a precedent for the industry evaluation and became a high-value award.


A number of famous domestic and foreign experts were evaluating the products carefully


    【China Ceramic King Award (CKA) 2018 Ceremony

Award-Winning Products of China Ceramic King Award (CKA) 2018

Gold Award of Large Ceramic Slabs

image.png   image.png

TOMURA Thick Slab


image.png   image.png

FIANDRE Calacatta Light






·Gold Award of Marble Tiles

image.png     image.png     



image.png   image.png


·Gold Award of Polished Tiles

image.png  image.png 



 image.png  image.png 

BODE King Jade Series


·Gold Award of Rustic Tiles

image.png   image.png


         image.png  image.png

MEITAO CERAMICS Holistic Archaistic Tile 2

image.png   image.png



·Gold Award of Modern Tiles


SUN CERAMICS Origin Series


3、General Introduction of CICPE 2019

1General Information

Exhibition: 2019 China (Foshan) International Ceramic & Bathroom Products Exhibition

Short for: CICPE

Exhibition date: April 19th-April 22nd, 2019 (4 days)

 Move-in date: April 15th-April 18th, 2019 (4 days)

 Move-out date: April 22nd, 2019

Venue: China·Foshan·Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 1, Gongzhan Road, Shunde District, Foshan)

 Hosted by: China Building Materials Federation

                   China Ceramic Industrial Association

                   China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association

                   CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council

                   Guangdong Ceramics Association

 Co-organized by: Guangdong Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters

                              Foshan Ceramic Industrial Association

                              Foshan Building Materials Association

 Supported by: Guangdong Building Materials Association

                         Foshan Federation of Industry & Commerce

                         Foshan Enterprise Confederation

                         Foshan Entrepreneur Directors Association

                         Foshan Interior Design Association

                         Foshan Real Estate Industry Chamber of Commerce

                         Nanzhuang Ceramics Industry Promotion Association

Organized by: Foshan ZhongTao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd

 Cycle: once a year


 Main Products/Services:

 Building ceramic, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware product, decoration ceramic, mosaic; building ceramic and sanitary ware exhibition culture;   others related to building ceramic and sanitary ware

Exhibition Area:

   CICPE 2019 will be expanded to 5 exhibition halls with exhibition area reaching 50,000 m2: Hall 1 is International Hall; Hall 2, 3, 4 are Domestic Hall and Hall 5 is Comprehensive Hall.


Floor Plan

4、 Highlights of CICPE 2019

        On the basis of the success of CICPE 2018, CICPE 2019 will continue to make great efforts in expanding the influence of the exhibition, continuously improving various hardware facilities and improving service level, etc. In CICPE 2019, you will see:

1. More Reasonable Planning With Larger Scale: The successful experience of CICPE 2018 makes ceramic and bathroom enterprises urgently need to increase product diversity. Therefore, CICPE 2019 will be expanded to 5 exhibition halls with exhibition area reaching 50,000 m2: Hall 1 is International Hall. In response to the needs of foreign brands to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition area of imported brands will be increased and the internationalization of the exhibition will be accelerated; Hall 2, 3, 4 are Domestic Hall, gathering domestic famous enterprises and brands like NEW PEARL, MONALISA TILES, ASA TILES, NABEL CERAMIC TILE, etc.; Hall 5 is Comprehensive Hall, inviting more featured brands to jointly build a grand event. At that time, more famous brands at home and abroad will be gathered to show new ceramic products, new technologies and new processes.



2. Improve Professional Service Level, Hold a Higher Quality Exhibition: CICPE 2019 will make full use of the high-quality international level exhibition hall, the complete hardware and facilities of the exhibition hall and the sufficient exhibition space. At the same time, it also continuously improves the supporting service system for exhibitors, buyers and visitors, and promotes the quality and professional service level of CICPE. Moreover, CICPE will carefully complete the guidance system inside the exhibition hall to create a better negotiation environment for buyers, exhibitors and other professional groups.



3. Make Accurate Invitation, More Effective Organization of Visitors: Strengthen the expansion of domestic distributors and conduct one-on-one, multi-dimensional invitation to buyers accumulated from CICPE 2018. From May, 2018, the hosts and organizers have stepped up efforts to the organization of visitors, increased the quality of visitor, deepened the relationship with real estate industry, building and decoration industry, designer channels and other related industries, and launched the promotion at large-scale building materials and home furnishing markets across the country to invite distributors one-on-one and bring greater benefits to exhibitors.


4. Upgrade Global Promotion, Higher Exhibition Brand Value: CICPE 2019 will further excavate domestic and foreign media resources and expand the cooperation and promotion with domestic and international professional exhibitions to carry out accurate publicity and promotion on a global scale. What’s more, CICPE 2019 will invite international buyers from the self-owned database one by one, deepen the cooperation with professional overseas investment companies, organize on-site sourcing conference between overseas buyers with purchasing needs and participating brands so as to bring immediate benefits to exhibitors and make the value of the exhibition be reflected.




5. High-End International Professional Exhibition, More Accurate Events Arrangement: During the exhibition, more resources and energy will be devoted to the exhibition itself. CICPE 2019 will focus on organizing various forms of evaluations and sharing activities in regard to industrial development trends, enterprise innovative designs, targeting agents, architects, designers and other groups. CICPE 2019 builds up the communication bridge between exhibitors and professional visitors to provide more industry trends and create a high-end mainstreamed professional ceramic and bathroom industry feast.


6. Lead the Trend of Ceramic and Bathroom Products: As a high-end mainstreamed international professional exhibition, CICPE 2019 gathers famous ceramic and bathroom brands at home and abroad and gradually becomes an important event of ceramic and bathroom industry, which presents new products, new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new designs from all over the world, shows new appearance and new trends of ceramic and bathroom brands, and passes the high-end original image of China ceramic and bathroom industry to the world.



5、Compared To 2018, What Will Be Improved In 2019

Although CICPE 2018 was successfully held, there are also many imperfections and inadequacies. We are also earnestly learning the lessons and making improvements to the shortcomings of this Exhibition:

1Comprehensively improve service awareness and service attitude: no matter facing exhibitors or visitors, the organizing committee will embrace CICPE 2019 with a new look, enhance service awareness and service attitude, and welcome exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.


2Upgrade the guidance system of the Exhibition: comprehensively upgrade the guidance system of the Exhibition, including the signs of washroom, catering, parking lot, different exhibition hall, etc., and to make clear directions to various orientations, passages and positions of the venue.


3Increase the choices of catering: because CICPE 2018 was attended by a large number of visitors, whose eating habits are different, some Muslim visitors do not have suitable food to eat. Moreover, there is a lack of supporting catering around the exhibition hall, resulting in insufficient catering supply at the exhibition. Therefore, CICPE 2019 will improve the catering service. While ensuring adequate food and beverage, the safety and deliciousness of food will also be ensured. Furthermore, according to different regional eating habits, the variety of flavors will be provided, such as halal and western food.


4Reasonable layout: with the experience of CICPE 2018, CICPE 2019 will plan the layout of each hall in a more reasonable way so that the positioning of each hall will be clearer. At the same time, through the planning of the booth layout and widening the passages, the creativity of the booth design will be displayed and visitors will have a comfortable experience. From the entrance to the booths of exhibitors, there will be a brand new experience.



6、Promotion Channels In 2019

First of all, advertising: CICPE 2019 will step up efforts to publicize advertisements on major decoration industry website, home decoration website, building materials industry website, domestic and foreign designer magazines/websites, etc.;

Secondly, deepen the connection with the supply and demand of real estate industry and home decoration industry, organize the professional channel sourcing conference, and improve trade volume of the Exhibition.

Third, conduct the terminal promotion of large-scale building materials and home furnishing markets across the country, and distribute CICPE 2019 brochures by visiting the markets to realize one-on-one invitations and key invitations to distributors;

Fourth, make multi-dimensional invitations to the buyers accumulated from CICPE 2018 through one-to-one mail, direct mail, telephone, SMS, WeChat, etc.;

Fifth, devote more energy to invite international buyers, one-on-one invite international buyers from the self-owned database, and simultaneously deepen cooperation with professional overseas investment companies to organize more overseas buyers and exhibiting brands with procurement needs to the on-site sourcing conference, facilitating on-site transaction

Sixth, increase the cooperation and promotion of domestic and international professional exhibitions, such as KBC 2018, the first CIIE, Cersaie, Cevisama, etc.


7、Facts & Figures of CICPE 2019

Due to the success of CICPE 2018, it has aroused strong response from the ceramic and bathroom industry all around China and even the world. CICPE 2019 will rely on its strong channel advantages to carry out precise on a global scale. Through the above measures, it is expected that the number of famous brands at home and abroad will reach 400, the number of professional visitors will reach 100,000, and the exhibition area will reach 50000m2.


8、The Significance of Hosting CICPE

1Responsibility Comes First, Win-Win Cooperation

Integrating preponderant resources of China ceramic and bathroom industry, CICPE is a high end international ceramic and bathroom product exhibition, and it is also a display and promotion platform to cultivate national brands to step into the world.

2Unite the Strength to Simulate the International Brand building of China Ceramic and Bathroom Products

Thanks to “the Belt and Road” strategy, CICPE is able to gather the greatest advantages and resources from the ceramic and bathroom industry to establish international self-owned brands, to develop internationally famous brands, and to enlarge the share of China self-owned brands in the international market. CICPE can truly promote the ceramic and bathroom industry development, and accelerate the improvement of China international status.

3Construct a Platform for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

CICPE strives to show China's high-end original image of ceramic and bathroom industry, motivate ceramic and bathroom products to innovate, change the mode of introducing technology and copying design to lead the trend, guide the ceramic and bathroom enterprises speed up the transformation of development mode under the new situation, adhere to continuous innovation, increase the intensity of energy conservation and emissions reduction, construct a ceramic China dream to realize industry greening, brand globalization, marketing internationalization and technical innovation and promote the deep transformation and upgrading of ceramic industry.   


4Build the New Core of Global Ceramic and Bathroom Industry

Foshan is one of the most competitive ceramic manufacturing areas currently in China. It has a solid ceramic foundation and a complete industry system. It is influential and its manpower resource is adequate. Enjoying national and global fame, embedded with historical cultural deposits and local features, ceramic industry is also the traditional pillar industry in Foshan.

Held in Foshan, CICPE gathers global ceramic enterprises, design and research institutions, associated enterprises to exhibit, and attract global agents, users, construction and design units to visit, which develops the influence of Guangdong (Foshan) ceramic around the nation and even the world, and makes Guangdong (Foshan) become the new cord of global ceramic and bathroom industry.