Why exhibit?

Date:2018-06-20 10:34:47

        A professional exhibition has the advantages of a large number of professional visitors and concentrated information in the industry. It can not only effectively promote enterprise products, enhance brand awareness, but also provide opportunities for enterprises to exchange technology and services. Moreover, an exhibition gathers an enormous number of buyers, there is a greater chance of seeking partners and business opportunities. As a result, an exhibition is an excellent platform for enterprises to conduct exhibition marketing and further develop or expand overseas market.

        In particular, for ceramic and bathroom products, its professionalism is high. Therefore, to the exhibitors, the role of a professional platform with influence at home and abroad is incalculable, which not only provides a platform to fully display the exhibiting products but also further enhances the brand reputation and reputation, and through active exhibition marketing, it can bring orders and economic benefits.

For exhibitors, an exhibition is a window to show the strength and products of the company. The benefits that a successful exhibition can bring to exhibitors are very obvious:

1、Mutual Benefit, Raise Popularity

        A high specification and high level ceramic and bathroom exhibition gathers all the strength and advantages of the entire industry, attracting professional visitors from the upstream and downstream of the ceramic and bathroom industry. Therefore, participating in professional exhibitions is one of the important measures to improve the brand awareness of ceramic, bathroom and related industries.

        CICPE has attracted more than 200 media at home and abroad to boost the promotion. The reports covered from introduction of exhibitors, new products to booth designs, which kept promoting and updating the Exhibition among the industry. Moreover, these reports made professional visitors have a better understanding of the Exhibition and exhibitors, built up the communication bridge and promoted the popularity of the Exhibition and exhibitors so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.



2、To Open the Market Quickly With the Help of External Force

        After new products are introduced and promoted, it takes time for the market to accept them. The time and cost of the new products promotion is huge, but if the new products are released in the exhibition, it can be quickly introduced to the market thanks to the help of the huge crowd in the exhibition.

        CICPE 2018 was visited by 83,028 professional visitors at home and abroad. Exhibitors release information on this platform will effectively promote the products and increase the sales volume in this industry or related industries.


3、Compare Horizontally, Promote Mutual Understanding

        Hundreds of flowers bloom to compete with each other. There are many similar or related products shown at the same time in exhibition, which not only makes professional visitors experience countless unique products but also gives exhibitors the chance to know the advantages and disadvantages of their own products through competition and formulate corresponding product strategy to make the product matures more quickly and occupy the undefeated position in the competition.

        25 enterprises have brought 55 large ceramic slabs in total to attend China Ceramic King Award (CKA) Evaluation. Every enterprise have brought their new products to compete. Through careful selection of the judges, three gold and six silver awards have been selected. The result of this selection is sufficient to demonstrate the importance of exhibiting.


4、Compete With Each Other, Test the Comprehensive Strength

        For the development of an enterprise, products and teams are two essential components. Through the comparison between exhibitors and the display of products, the sense of responsibility, spiritual outlook and working attitude of employees all show the essence of corporate culture, realize the premium of the brand, and test the cohesion of the enterprise.

        There were over 300 enterprises participated in CICPE 2018. Different companies show different qualities, allowing visitors to have an intuitive understanding of the company while viewing the products. For instance, one of the exhibitors provided rest place and free hot drinks in the booth and their employees explained various questions to the visitors carefully, gaining consistent praise. Therefore, attending the exhibition is also a test of comprehensive strength for enterprises.



5、Target Visitor Group Accurately With Clear Purpose

        A professional exhibition is of high pertinence, which not only finds suitable partners for exhibitors, but also effectively expands the channels of real estate, designers and other professional groups, reduces the time and economic cost of developing customers and channels, and improves the efficiency of opening the market.

        During CICPE 2018, a number of events have been held for relevant professional groups, like 2018 China Real Estate and Building Ceramic and Bathroom Industry Supply and Demand Cooperation Summit, 2018 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Interior Design Thousand People Conference, etc. which attracted thousands of professional visitors to provide strong support for exhibitors to broaden designer and real estate procurement channels.



6、Help To Develop Overseas Market Effectively

        The most important purpose of an exhibition is to promote the transaction between enterprises and buyers. For domestic and foreign buyers, an exhibition is also the main procurement channel.

        During CICPE 2018, 4,321 buyers and visitors from 142 countries and regions came to the site. Among them, more than 200 overseas buyers had a one-to-one negotiation with exhibitors, and the transaction and cooperation effect were remarkable.

        Through CICPE 2019, this big platform, enterprises can reduce the cost of customer development and increase the success rate of negotiations, which helps enterprises to “go global” and take an important step toward the world.


7、Enjoy the Global Promotion of Dividends and Expand Brand Influence

        Positioning in high-end and mainstream, CICPE is an international professional exhibition. It is promoted in an all-round and seamless manner throughout the world. Through online methods like e-mail, media promotion, exhibition promotion as well as offline methods like visiting domestic and foreign production areas, professional exhibitions, and domestic key cities, one-to-one negotiation and invitation is made. It invites professional visitors from the upstream and downstream industries of ceramic and bathroom around the world to promote communication and exchanges between industries in different countries and regions, and strives to make exhibitions and exhibitors work together to enhance the influence of brands.


8、Exhibition Economy Makes Communication More Convenient and More Efficient

        For a long time, it has been a tradition for ceramic and bathroom enterprises to use exhibition hall as a channel for corporate image promotion and new product release. However, this mode is faced with the scattered exhibition hall, narrow customer choice and high promotion cost. For customers, running back and forth in the exhibition halls of different brands and selecting them costs a lot of time and energy, and it is also difficult to make intuitive comparison.

        The success of CICPE 2018 promoted the industry transform from exhibition hall economy to exhibition economy. CICPE 2019 will step up efforts to gather resources and strength to host the exhibition, which will effectively attract more targeted visitors from all over the world, and bring a large number of potential customers to exhibitors, which not only saves buyers, agents and cooperation units’ time and effort of traveling exhibition halls, but also reduce exhibitors’ time and economic cost of finding target customers, so that the communication between the two parties is more efficient.


9、Leading the Trend of Ceramic and Bathroom Products Create a Large Platform of Integration

        Positioning in high-end, mainstream and professional, CICPE gathers domestic and foreign well-known ceramic and bathroom brands, focuses on displaying the original Chinese high-end ceramic and bathroom industry image, encourages ceramic and bathroom products innovation, and introduces technology, changes imitating other’s design into leading the trend.

        With creative booth design and new products display, CICPE 2018 enabled professional visitors to deepen their knowledge of companies and brands, and it also became a platform for exhibitors and professional visitors to appreciate and collect new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials, prices and marketing strategies. With the help of this platform, both manufacturers and buyers can quickly and accurately obtain the development status, trend and new products of domestic and foreign industries, and provide the basis for enterprises to formulate the future development strategy.