【Column】Ceramic Celebrity Talk | Mr. He Cuigang of Thinkhome: Behind the personality of exquisiteness of big slab is the ultimate requirement for beauty (Part 1)

Date:2019-03-05 17:07:14

Because big slab is expensive, to present aesthetics, there must be a requirement for refinement. For example, if we are going to buy a very nice car, can you accept that it has some strange noises or defects? You will not accept that, but if we are going to buy an ordinary car, we can accept some defects.

——Mr. He Cuigang

After “CICPE and CICEE & Ceramic Celebrity Talk” is launched, the unique opinions of the experts in ceramic industry have established a new thinking angle for ceramic industry practitioners, opened up new development ideas and broadened the deep understanding of ceramic industry. “CICPE and CICEE & Ceramic Celebrity Talk” came to the showroom of Thinkhome on Nov. 23rd and interviewed the general manager of Thinkhome, Mr. He Cuigang. 

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The industry is developing towards the personality of exquisiteness

Host: It is now popular to say that no big slab, no brands. When entering into your showroom, we can see the application of a very fashionable and avant-garde big slab. In fact, we also know that the big slab is currently facing several challenges like processing, transportation and installation during the application process. We want to hear your opinion about how you solve it and what countermeasures you have.

Mr. He: What you just said about no big slab, no brands, in fact, I think it may be a method that everyone uses for publicity. It is true that big slab is popular now. When we talk about ceramic, Italy will come to our mind. Italy has advantage on equipment, technology, talent and aesthetics so Italians have been exposed to big slab many years ago. In fact, in China, including designers and users, they all think big slab is good. However, there is a process for China market to accept big slab. Even when the market is very good, when all the companies are selling well, you recommend they to sell big slab, there is also a process.

I think the reason everyone is talking about big slab is that it has something to do with the current market environment in China. The market may have changed now. I can only say that it has changed, but I am not going to define whether this change is good or bad. It may have been too good in the past and the selling volume has been quite large. The market may not be so crazy in the future, so everyone is making something more unique, exquisite or finding a point.

From the perspective of the development of entire ceramic industry, at each point, a group of enterprises or a group of people will be created. For example, we talk about the initial development, from polished tiles to rustic tiles, and then appear some categories. For example, if you specialize in wood grain, specialize in marble, or specialize in rural style, a batch of enterprises has been created.

If we focus back on big slab, from the development of technology, talent, aesthetic, market to today, there are not many material points. Everyone is developing a big tile to a climax. In the past, we made small tile but now we made large tile with the help of all kinds of physical and chemical properties. It is indeed a kind of enjoyment brought by human science and technology development.

Start with the pain points of big slab

In the application process, big slab has many pain points as we mentioned just now: it is difficult to cut, install, and transport. In fact, there is one more problem. It is also expensive to use. Just like buying a Mercedes-Benz, its cost of use is not the same as buying an ordinary (about 100,000) car. Big slab is popular so far, but it has not yet been accepted by everyone or everyone can afford it.

Showroom of Thinkhome

Host: We have just mentioned 3-4 pain points. Which pain point can make the promotion and application more extensive and more acceptable to more people? For example, is there any improvement in processing? I have heard that you have recently set up a big slab finishing center. Could you tell me some of your ideas and opinions in this regard?

Mr. He: In fact, consumers are very simple. They make their decision according to their feeling of the tile, no matter the tile is big or small, or no matter what the process is. As long as what they use or what the they enjoy finally is the same tile, they don’t care how the tile install or produce.

Therefore, we should consider from the perspective of consumers, just like we are going to decorate our own home. To reverse this process, the focus for me will be that first, the budget is acceptable; second, aesthetic and space fit; and the rest is professional people do the professional things. How do professional decoration company, professional designers and professional suppliers solve these problems of big slab?

In fact, designers cannot solve the problem since designers can only solve the problem of space, cutting and color collocation. Decoration companies are not professional and cannot solve the problem either. 600*1200mm is already a big size for them. Now they suddenly have to deal with the larger sizes like 1000*3000mm and 1500*3000mm, which some people have even never seen before so they cannot solve the problems of processing or transportation.

Showroom of Thinkhome

Consumers pursue the best from expensive big slab

 In addition, as big board, it is refined and processed, and the finished products that consumers enjoy must be refined. Because big slab is expensive, to present aesthetics, there must be a requirement for refinement. For example, if we are going to buy a very nice car, can you accept that it has some strange noises or defects? You will not accept that, but if we are going to buy an ordinary car, we can accept some defects.

In other words, we need to give our customers the ultimate experience, apart from the ultimate product, service should also be ultimate, including the design of processing and space design and even the effects that customers can feel is also ultimate. Only in this way can we give customer a result that is professional and worthy of the price and consumer expectations.

Now, Thinkhome is positioning in precision and refinement. I think this is a relatively large market in the future. When everyone has requirements for products and space, our market will be bigger, and it is a market that can grow.


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