The King Award


Evaluation Scheme of the China Ceramics King Award

General Provisions

The “China Ceramics King Award” is a national award jointly set up by China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council , Guangdong Ceramics Association and Guangdong Building Materials Association.

The purpose of setting up the “China Ceramics King Award” is to encourage enterprises to independently innovate, enhance the brand influence of China ceramic and bathroom products, construct China (Foshan) International Ceramic & Bathroom Products Exhibition as the vane of global ceramic and bathroom products development trend and motivate China ceramic and bathroom industry to transform and upgrade.


Chapter 1 General Provisions

To standardize the evaluation, ensure the quality of review, the detailed rules are formulated.

Article 1 China Ceramics King Award is the highest level, most authoritative and impartial award of China ceramic and bathroom industry. 

The application, evaluation and award of the awards adhere to the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality and quality over quantity and shall not be interfered by any organizations or individuals. Apply for the award voluntarily and all awards are free of charge.

Article 2 China Ceramics King Award is organized once a year. The announcement of application will be made in the second half of the year and the evaluation results will be presented during CICPE.


Chapter 2 Organization

Article 4 Hosted by China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council and Guangdong Ceramics Association

Article 5 Commissioned by the hosts, China Ceramics King Award organizing committee is responsible for the evaluation of China Ceramics King Award. The organizing committee is set up by:

(a) China Ceramics King Award evaluation leading group: each host assigns a scholar to constitute this group.

(b) Expert judges, which is composed of members from evaluation leading group, industry experts, designers, etc., altogether 11-13 people. Recommendations, self- recommendations and open invitation will be conducted to recruit industry experts, designers. In order to become a judge, they need to be reviewed and approved by the China Ceramics King Award evaluation leading group.

(c) China Ceramics King Award organizing committee secretariat – a permanent body of the China Ceramics King Award organizing committee, is set in Foshan ZhongTao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd (ZhongTao Alliance). Person in charge of ZhongTao Alliance shall act as the secretary-general, and the secretary-general attend evaluation leading group meetings. Secretariat consists of review group and audit group. Review group shall be responsible for the organization work and daily management of the secretariat, and shall be appointed by ZhongTao Alliance Planning Dept. Audit group shall be responsible for the collection of registration forms and the weighted statistics of the evaluation tables, etc., and assist the review group to carry out the review work, and office manager of ZhongTao Alliance shall be concurrently responsible for this group.

Article 6 All members from ZhongTao think tank (including industry experts, designers, etc.) and the enterprises they belong shall not participate in the China Ceramics King Award, if associated enterprises or individuals participate in the competition, they shall avoid the evaluation of the award.

Article 7 All members of China Ceramics King Award organizing committee must abide by the review rules to prevent unfair and unfair practices. Anyone who violates the regulations or engages in malpractices for personal gains shall be disqualified from participating in the evaluation work and be criticized in a public notice. Relevant awards shall be adjusted according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

Article 8 The list of members of the annual organizing committee shall be clearly defined in the announcement of application issued that year.


Chapter 3 Scope and Target

Article 9 Scope: ceramic tile, bathroom, mosaic and other related fields.

Article 10 Target: Enterprises and individuals from ceramic tile, bathroom, mosaic and other related industries (hereinafter referred to as “participants"). Participants shall be classified according to ceramic and bathroom production and supporting enterprises, ceramic technology development service enterprises, ceramic and bathroom products sales circulation enterprises, construction companies, design companies and individuals. The classification shall be made appropriate adjustments according to the development of the industry.